Charlie Sheen and Lace Tops

Skirt: Express, Shirt: Target, Belt: The Limited, Shoes: Off Broadway, Bag: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Villa in Savannah and LOTUS, Rings: Target and The Boulevard at South End , Earrings: Marthe Pinaire, Phone Case: Mobilexpressions at Target

I don't have much to share today...just a couple of tidbits:

1. I went to work today with a head full of conditioner. Actually, I wore my hair this way yesterday too. I also wore all black yesterday...like head to toe, no other color in sight. Apparently I'm feeling all Johnny Cash these days. Truth be told, I went out on Saturday night (like a ROCKSTAR...no, like Charlie Sheen <minus the drugs and hookers>). So....on (no-shower) Sunday, I felt like crap, wore workout clothes all day (but did NOT work out), and Monday I was still feeling "meh" so I did absolutely nothing with myself, then today, I put a liiiiiittle effort into it, but clearly, not much. Here it is though...lace, colorblocked skirt, snakeskin pumps, NPB (no purpose belt) and soaking wet hair. Well, it was drenched in nutritious and delicious conditioner. No one even asked me why I smelled like coconut and vanilla. That makes me sound like a sunbathing stripper doesn't it? 

2. THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by LOTUS on Saturday (or to my house before-hand) and donated a dress, shoes, accessories, etc. to The Sandbox for their 'Evening of Believing" prom. We had even more dresses than the pictures show. It was really awesome to see everyone stop by throughout the day. Good times. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy, and everyone at The Sandbox REALLY appreciates it. Thanks everyone!

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