Life Saving Ruffles...

Shirt: LOTUS, Skirt: Banana Republic, Belt: Aldo, Shoes: Off Broadway, Watch and Purse: Michael Kors, Bracelets: LOTUS and Stella & Dot), Rings: Boulevard at South End and Jared (LeVian), Earrings: Forever 21

It's hoooooooot outside. My GOSH. I thought I was doing myself a favor by wearing a really light and airy tank to work today. What I did not think about however was the fact that after my car sat outside for a few minutes, it would be SO hot in there that I would be visibly sweating through this thing. I'm thankful for the ruffles in the front though. I am assuming that they covered up the really attractive boob sweat I undoubtedly had working most of the day. There was no helping me in the back though. Pretty sure this fabulous shirt became see through with the copious amount of sweating I was doing. I have been wearing SPF 50 on my face for the last week (ever since my little trip to the esthetician)...but I don't think that even supa-dupa SPF could fight the good fight against this blazing heat. Anyway...enough about my over-active sweat glands. I realized today that this is the exact outfit, minus the shoes (that I was forced to buy the night I went out and realized that I had 2 different shoes on...moron) that I was wearing last year when I went to get this tattoo on my wrist. Funny how outfits remind you of certain events or points in my life. Here's to hoping that the outfit I wear tomorrow later reminds me of the one day that I didn't sweat like a disgusting hog through my clothes. A girl can dream, can't she? 

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