Brooke Shields, Angry Birds, and a Delorean...

Shirt: LOTUS, Skirt and B&W Bracelet: Target, Shoes: Blake Scott at Off Broadway, Ring and Bracelet: LOTUS, Watch: MK, Earrings: SisStyle, iPhone Case: Mobilexpressions at Target


1. I felt very "Corporate America" today in my black pencil skirt, appropriately-high heels (as opposed to the "hooker heels" I usually rock), and my ivory blouse that ties in the front. I'll call this..my boardroom look...or would that be bored-room? Just kidding. Bored is something I never am at work. Busy Bee...that's me.

2. I have been growing my eyebrows out. And by grow out, I don't mean that something traumatic happened to make them disappear. I didn't pluck them all out, or burn half of one off...I just felt like my face could (and should) handle a stronger brow. I have a big face (I am not saying that in a self-deprecating, fishing for compliments way...just in an honest way. I have ZERO petite features). I mean...come on...I need a big brow...so when I furrow it people know I mean business. Maybe not for that reason, but I have a love for eyebrows. Especially thick ones, a la, Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon...see what I mean. Now.Those.Are.Eyebrows. See those puppies in the last photo. They are getting there. Speaking of furrowed brows, my BF claims that I have a perma furrowed brow when I sleep. He has actually nicknamed me, Angry Bird. Not sure of the correlation? Check it out here. THAT can't be good. Why don't I just scrap the term "sleep" and in favor for a more appropriate description..."The 6-8 hours a day that I spend TRYING to get deep, cavernous forehead wrinkles".

3. "Sunshine Daydream" is a Grateful Dead song that I have had stuck in my head for 3 days now (and by song, I mean only the first verse...I have had only the first verse doing a loop in my dome for almost 72 hours...sweet LAWD, make it stop). I had almost gotten it out of my head, and then I saw picture #10 here, which brought it right back. Yup...looks like I am lost in thought in the sunshine. I am probably thinking about something really deep and poignant, like..."What am I going to have for dinner? Did I put the clothes in the dryer last night, or do they now smell like feet and an after-party?"). Anyway, perhaps calling it out will rid me of it once and for all.

4. It is clear that I only wear watches for the aesthetic appeal. I just realized that this one is an hour and a half slow and show's yesterday's date. Sharp. Yes, I am that girl. The one that if asked the time, will dig deep into her purse...fumbling around to find her cell phone before running the risk of looking like a fool when I tell you at 5pm on a Friday that is actually 3:30pm on Thursday. Yes...grab the Delorean, McFly...we have just gone "Back to the Future".


  1. I'm the same way, girl! My watch is ALWAYS wrong. I don't even care what time it says -- might as well be a bracelet :) And I'm probably late anyway...

  2. Love your blog, btw. We have really similar style. Lots of bold colors/prints/accessories but still classic!

  3. Kelly!!

    Thank you SO much for your notes. LOVE them!

    1. I believe that watches really are just big, heavy, cool bracelets.
    2. I too am always LATE.
    3. BEAUTIFUL profile picture!

    So glad you like the blog. Makes me happy!! Please, keep in touch.