Victoria Beckham would never creep around a Parking Garage...

Shirt: Calvin Klein / Marshalls, Pants: Express, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Purse: Pink & Blue, Watch and Wallet: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Target and Villa in Savannah, Earrings: Sis Style, Necklace: LOTUS, iPhone Case: Mobilexpressions from Target (c/o Lux Mobile)

It's going to be blistering hot the next 3-4 days (over 100 degrees), so I decided to wear pants today since I probably wont for the rest of the week. Ok...that is a blatant lie. I did not think that far ahead. I wore pants today because I have not shaved my legs in 3 days (which for an Italian may as well be a fiscal quarter worth of hair growth). Admittedly bright red pants and leopard print are a bit much when paired together in copious amounts (see above), but I just wanted to...so I did. My hair was dirty, so I braided it and pulled it to the side. I actually got the idea for a side braid yesterday when I saw a photo of Victoria Beckham. Yup...wait for it...the...are you ready??? The Spice Girls are getting back together. Reunited and it feels so good. "So...tell me what you want...what you really, really want." She had her hair in this perfect side braid with volume on the top and just enough messiness to make it look effortless. I did not pull this look off, but I did manage to pull off a braid, so I've got that going for me. In order to pull off a Victoria braid I'd probably need a team of hairstylist fawning over my tresses. Annnd, since they are not lining up to do that anytime soon, I had to do it myself. Of course in order to really look like "Mrs. Bend it like Beckham", I'd have to fast for 40 days (or 40 years) and let's be honest...that ain't happening. AnyWHO, enough about that. These pictures are taken at the top of a parking garage in uptown Charlotte. I didn't leave uptown until almost 8pm, so I had to grab what little light was left. I must have looked like such a creeper just hanging out in a desolate parking garage. I am sure the garage guards got a kick out of watching me do this from the other end of the security cameras. I can hear them now..."Look at this girl thinking she is hot 'ish' taking pictures of herself". Jerks.

Also, check out the article Digital Style Digest did about Lux Mobile's line of Mobilexpressions goodies available in Target.  They even included some pictures from this little ol' blog. BOO-YAAAAH!

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  1. If she were taking notes from you she would! Fantastic!