Blush Beauties - Bridal Inspiration

Blush Beauties

I was asked yesterday to style a wedding for a beautiful couple who is taking the plunge next year. I am so excited! I consulted with the Bride and she told me that she is thinking about a neutral/blush color palate and having all of the bridesmaids wear a different dress (within the desired theme). So naturally, I have been mind looping (mind looping...mind looping...mind looping) about it ever since. I have been looking online to get inspiration and here is what I found.  Beautiful!!!! I love this trend...simple, classic, beautiful, timeless, understated, and SO elegant! Annnnd, my favorite part about this theme...is that if you are the bridesmaid, you actually can (dare I say...wait for it...) wear these dresses again!!! Now that is a beautiful...and almost unheard of concept (although almost every bride makes that exact claim about their handpicked frocks...liars...every last one of them :)

The first image is an inspiration board I put together for the bride last night, but after seeing all of this...my mind is on overload. Hope you guys don't mind wedding images on the blog, because there will be more where this came from!

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  1. Congratulations!! I would be so flattered. I love the images you've put together. How gorgeous. I hope you will share your progress along the way. So fun!!