Hold the phone...

Jeans: LOTUS, Shirt: Target (a long time ago), Shoes: Target (recently), Watch and Bag: Michael Kors, Earrings: Aldo Accessories, Ring: Marthe Pinaire (find her on Etsy.com), iPhone Case: Mobilexpressions at Target

1. This is a great little "Casual Friday" outfit. Well, it would have been if I had worn it today. I wore it yesterday though. What do you call that? "Can't get out of bed, too lazy to wash your hair, Thursday?" 'Cause that about sums it up.

2. It looks like I am wearing fake eyelashes on in the first pic. A clear sign that I was a bit too heavy handed with the ol' liquid liner and mascara yesterday morning. I do love a good pair of falsies, but I am terrified of them. Paralyzed by fear that they will come loose, or fall off, or look ridiculous. I have seen all of those scenarios many a time whilst gallivanting out and about. Or, none of that happens and women just leave them so long that they look hilariously ridiculous. I can't stop staring when I see them. It's awkward for both parties involved, frankly. I can hear my boyfriend's sister sighing right now and saying..."Melly, Melly, Melly...let the Master teach you how to apply and rock the falsies!" She is indeed the master of all things makeup...I wish she lived here (and by here, I mean, in my guest room, so I'd have 24/7 stalker-like access to her and her mad skillzzzzz).

3. Ironically enough, my girlfriend from college told me yesterday that she had a dream that she met me on a bus and I was all dressed up to go somewhere, until my enormous fake eyelashes fell off of one eye. Apparently then I wanted to go home. (Which is exactly how it would go down in real life). Oh, and if you are one of those dream analyzer people....I don't want to hear it. I am sure it boils down to my friend thinking I am superficial. ;) I like stuff that doesn't "matter"...so what. I like things that do matter too. 

3. These pants look like they have pockets, but they don't. Caused me problems all day long. I love them though. They are as comfortable as leggings, and go with all of my flowy summer shirts. Summertime...white pants...what's not to love?


  1. It´s a surprise return to your blog and find cool stuff.

  2. Thank you, Clara! I love your blog too...BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you so much for commenting!

  3. Love the leopard flats and the snake ring. xA

  4. @A Mode World....THANK YOU! The Snake Ring was my Valentine's Day gift. Not traditional, but I LOVE it too. Thank you SO much for commenting! ;)