Shirt: Really Old (Eileen's), Pants: Express, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Longest Necklace and Pearl Bracelet: Handpicked, Other 2 necklaces and Big Bracelet: Stella & Dot, Watch: Michael Kors
Okay, so I'm not really in Forks, Washington State, but it kind of felt like it this afternoon. It was dark and rainy, and I was surrounded by forest. It felt exactly like the hometown stomping grounds of my favorite vampire and werewolves (and yours...don't lie). If you have not picked up on the reference yet (you have clearly been living in a CAVE for 5 years). I am talking about Twilight and the fact that now every forest makes me think of dangerously beautiful (and yes, fictional) villains and heroes. Speaking of the cast of Twilight. Did you hear that Bella cheated on Edward in real life (and I saw a picture of the dude <director of Snow White>...he is no Jacob!...just sayin')? Crushing. I like to think of some love as absolutely untouchable. I get that this is a ridiculously juvenile and complete unrealistic view of perhaps the most complicated human relationship you can have, but whatever. I like fairy tales and love stories and apparently Sci-Fi rendezvous between sexy beasts and mere mortals.
I've been busy the last few days taking and editing photos of ridiculously cute baby girls. Check them out on the "My Photography" page. Don't you just want to EAT them?!!? Not in a vampire way of course...in a socially acceptable kissing baby fat and gnawing on tiny fingers and toes kind of way.  Speaking of babies, I look totally pregnant in one of these pictures. I am not though, just an awkward shot...or...and abundance of egg salad. Which is what I ate at my desk for lunch. Delicious, but my breath still smells of onions and garlic (I doctor up my egg salad). Maybe my lunch was preparing me for me jaunt in the forest. Garlic deters Vampires right? I may want to attract vampires in Forks, WA, but I highly doubt that Charlotte's bringing the heat like that. Charlotte vampires are probably ugly.

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