Wedding Fever!

Shirt: LOTUS, Skirt: Target, Shoes: LOTUS, Watch: MK, Earrings: Aldo Accessories

It's one BAZILLION TRILLION degrees outside, so I did a blog post in 2 minutes on my back deck before going to dinner. This is a personal style blog, so here it is, this is what I wore today. A little sheer neon orange t-shirt with daaaarling gold button accents, and a snow leopard skirt with my all time favorite heels (with the little bows in the back). Yesterday's post emotionally drained me, so I don't have much of any value to add today. I didn't set out to get all sappy and deep last night, but it just kind of came pouring out... and then the responses...FB comments, e-mails, and private FB messages came pouring out as well. I was overwhelmed, humbled, touched, and amazed (partially, by how alone I felt then, and how alone I WASN'T...I just did not realize it at the time). Life is a crazy journey, and I have met some pretty effin' amazing people along the ride. I feel very blessed. 
On a side note, I am the queen of all things wedding today!!! I helped one future sister in law with her vows, wrote a speech for that same wedding, went to a dress fitting with my other future sister in law, AND finalized plans with the bridesmaids for the wedding I am busy planning! I need my own TLC show...I  have wedding fever! I can't be stopped!!!! 

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