An Introduction to: STYLE NIGHT OUT!!!!

If you've been on Facebook the last week and are connected in any way to the Charlotte fashion community you may have seen posts about STYLE NIGHT OUT popping up everywhere. If you have not, and would like to be kept in the know, just go to their page and "like" it.

So...what is STYLE NIGHT OUT? Baaaaasically, it is the most fantabulous, amazing, ginormous, fashion show extravaganza in all of the universe. Well, in all of Charlotte anyway (but I'd argue that it's definitely the best one south of the Mason-Dixon line). On second thought, the official definition may not actually include the word "fantabulous". STYLE NIGHT OUT is about Charlotte's boutiques, salons, and makeup artists all coming together (for one amazing night) to showcase their works of art. It includes over 50 retailers, as many ah-mazing hair and makeup artists, 100+ models, and over 1000 attendees!!! It's a fashion show. It's a concert. It's a charity event.  And it's a people watcher's paradise! What it is NOT however is "uppity" or "stuffy". It is fun, eclectic, energetic, and FULL of love.  So, if you've avoided events like this in the past for fear that it's not really your "thing", let STYLE NIGHT OUT change your mind. Trust me. If you have a bad time at this event you need to check your pulse! No seriously, get out the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff.

I love STYLE NIGHT OUT (SNO) and this year I am PUUUUUMPED to be a part of it!! I have been asked by the creator (the beautiful, fantastic, sweet, uber-talented Charlotte fashionista herself, Effie Loukas) be a SNO Corespondent on the  red carpet. What! What?!? I plan on channeling my inner Giuliana Rancic (who I am mildly obsessed with), so come correct!!! There will be a 360 Cam and I will come at you like a spider monkey with hard hitting questions like..."YO...Where did you score those shoes? I kiiinda love them!!!"

So...in short. You really have to be there. It's truly one of the best nights out in Charlotte. People talk about it all year long right up until next year's event. So come and check it out, bring your friends, and put in for a PTO day. You may just want to take Friday off (SNO is on a Thursday night). Here are the details, get your tickets NOW before they are sold out! For real, these bad boys WILL be sold out.


Morrison (Shopping Center)/ 7201 Governor Morrison Street/ Charlotte, NC 28211

Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Scroll to the bottom of this page, click the box that tells you that the tixs are non-refundable, and then get your tickets to the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (oh wait..that is circus isn't it? Well, it WAS the circus anyway, until SNO blew that "ISH" outta the water)!

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  1. Melissa, that's awesome! From what I know and see on this fabulous blog, you seem perfect for the job! I hope to go and finally meet you there!! Best, Whitley