I Dream of Jeannie

Shirt and Bracelet: LOTUS, Skirt: The Limited, Shoes: Aldo, Earrings and Snake Ring: Stella & Dot, Watch: Michael Kors, Red Ring: Pink & Blue
This is what I wore to work yesterday. Maybe I was subconsciously inspired by the STYLE NIGHT OUT logo? Or, perhaps I was inspired by my love of the old T.V. show,  "I Dream of Jeannie". Does anyone remember that show? I used to watch it all of the time at my Grandma's house. There was this genie (cleverly named, Jeannie) who lived in a bottle. She wore her blonde hair in a really high ponytail (like this) and always wore pinkish purple from head to toe (well, head to toe excluding her midriff which was bare). I'll spare you all a picture of my bare stomach though. No one wants to see all that. 
Anyone else remember "I Dream of Jeannie"? I'm about to go on Netflix and see if I can find it. There is a STRONG probability that I'll stay in tonight reminiscing. I know...it's Friday night. I'm an animal.

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