Laura Mercier: OBSESSED

This week was chocked full o' fun. This post should have been up Thursday night, since that is when these festivities took place, but life got in the way (and I have not felt well to boot). I went to work on Thursday and then headed over to South Park Mall for an event I was invited to by the amazing, Laura Mercier team. I must admit, I had never been to the Laura Mercier makeup counter, nor did I own any of their products (I was always primarily a drugstore make-up kind of girl, with some MAC and Bare Minerals thrown in here and there). I was anticipating looking at a new fall line of colors, meeting a flawless (and presumably pretentious) famous makeup artist, taking some pictures, and then dipping out after 15 minutes (and maybe the purchase a new lip gloss). What I did not expect was an experience....real artistry...belly laughs...and a full blown makeover. I had the pleasure of meeting celebrity makeup artist, Jarvis Johnson. Jarvis is from Orange County, CA and he has been a make-up artist for over 20 years (which is insane since that is exactly how old he looks). I'm not kidding, look at him. Does this man sleep in formaldehyde? He is perfectly preserved. If I didn't fall madly in love with him, I would be forced to hate him. This man in HALF Man / HALF Amazing! He took my tired face with makeup on it that was 10 hours old, and transformed me. I left with flawless skin, a perfect pout, and the most impressive (and subtle) smokey eye that I had ever seen!  If that weren't enough, he made my lashes look so insanely long that they looked fake. Really. My lashes were almost as long as the legs of the blonde beauty standing next to Jarvis in the picture. Her name is Sussanna. Here's another one that I would hate if she weren't so friggin' awesome. She is in charge of Laura Mercier events all over the Southeast (and beyond) and they are a beauty tag team made in heaven. I meant to get this post up earlier so you could all have the chance to go see Jarvis while he was in town, but unfortunately I am a slacker. The good news is however, that all of the people at Laura Mercier are insanely talented and they are located conveniently at the Belk in Southpark mall. Here are some of my new favorite, can't live without, change your life LM products...these things are the TRUTH! Trust. 
1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact (the #1 tinted moisturizer in the world now comes in a handy-dandy compact). My color is "Sand". This product launches September 1st, but I got my hands on it a couple of weeks early. You just may be able to as well if you head on over to Belk.
2. Lip Glace in Rose Hope. 100% of the profits from the sale of this buttery, long wear gloss are donated to the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund. It's the color I am wearing in these pictures and it is woooonderful. Perfect for summer and fall.
3. Eye Canvas. This is a creme that you put on your eye lids to make your shadow stay in place, but my favorite use for this product is actually on your lips. I learned to swipe this on your lips before applying lipstick for even, all-day wear. WHAT? Genius. 
4. Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Smoke. This is a liner and shadow in one. Apply a thin line for a traditional eye liner effect, or a thick line with a swoop on the end for an easy DIY cat eye. It stays on all day long, all day strong.
5. Faux Lash Mascara. Sweet LAWD this stuff is what dreams are made of. Want fake lashes but scared of the application, afraid they will come loose, don't want to run the risk of picking the wrong ones and looking like a clown? THEN GET THIS MASCARA...then (and Jarvis would say) just lodge...wiggle...fan (and repeat until your lashes look so long that people think you got lash weave).

If you got to Facebook and "like" the Laura Mercier Belk Southpark page, you can be kept up on all of cool things happening over there. That was a really long rant about makeup (sorry), but I am never this excited about products so I had to share.

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