Worthless Wednesdays

Shirt: Old Navy, Pants: Express, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Necklace: Somewhere in NoDa (I forget), Ring: $6 vendor , Earrings: Sis Style (get them online or at lotus)

I am definitely getting older. I just don't "bounce" back like I used to. I've been a zombie the last few days. Not the kind that gets all hopped up on lavender bath salts and eats people's faces off, just the kind that walk around with a blank stare. A little dead behind the eyes, but harmless overall. A trip home to NY, lots of over eating (and drinking), travel back to NC and lots and lots to do every day and night have made for one tired chick. So, this morning, I couldn't really be bothered with wearing anything "fancy". I threw on my trusty white pants (because I WILL hold on to summer so hard that it will make the veins in my neck pop out and my fists cramp from clenching) and an over-sized chambray (fancy way to say denim-like) shirt. I didn't even bother to tuck the thing in. Well, let's be honest, these pants are too tight for shirt tucking any way (and the only thing worse than stuffing a shirt into too-tight pants, is stuffing a shirt into too-tight WHITE pants). I put on a big, fun necklace, cutesy bracelet, and reactivated yesterdays waves with some water and "beach hair" spray and went out the door. I was a worthless Wednesday indeed. 

The only thing I can actually think of worth making mention of is the fact that my favorite local boutique is now ONLINE. That's right ladies....whether near or far, you can now shop at LOTUS!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! Check it out.... www.lotuslook.com...be sure to click on the SHOP tab and keep a close eye on the BLOG (BiGtHiNgSpOpPiNat LOTUS)!!!!!

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