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Laurie told Brie, who told me, who told Theresa, Barb, AND Carrie about Alyson at Calabretta. Women like to talk about things, people, and places that they love. Well, some women like to keep that stuff to themselves, but I don't trust those women...give it up girls, we are all in this together. That is how I found out about and started seeing Alyson. As you know (if you are a regular reader of this here blog), I have intentionally spent this summer OUT of the sun. I had some discoloration (a.k.a: hyper-pigmentation) on my face, it looked ridiculous, and I got scared of skin cancer, wrinkles, and of looking like a hoochie (in my humble opinion, too tan and too blonde...never good). So 2 months ago, I started seeing Alyson Lowe (an ahhh.mazzzzing esthetician) and going to Calebretta Cosmetic Surgery Center for treatment. She set me up with some products (face wash, bleaching creme, and retinol) and a monthly micro-peel. It has changed my skin completely. I now get lots of random compliments on how great my "make-up" is even though (up until my little trip to Laura Mercier last weekend) I hadn't changed a thing about my make-up. She has also been a saving grace for some ladies I know who were battling breakouts/acne. I didn't dish the dirt on Calabretta at first, because I didn't really think you guys cared too much. Buuuuut...I have gotten a half a dozen e-mails asking me questions (about what I'm getting done, who is doing it, what products they gave me, etc.). So here it is...

Alyson Lowe
Calabretta Cosmetic Surgery Center 
1918 Randolph Rd. Suite 850
Charlotte, NC 28207

A peel as part of treatment for acne costs about $75, and the peel I get to help with hyper-pigmentation is about $70 (and you really should go about once a month if you can swing it). The products that you can buy start to run up your tab, so be conscious of what you are buying. Ask what you really "need" to help you out, versus, what brands you can buy over the counter. Alyson will be honest with you. She is great. She is sweet, gorgeous, fun, down-to-earth, and has phenomenal skin to boot. She actually told me that if I referred someone I would get $25 off of my next service...so GO. HA! Just kidding. I'm going to give my discount to you (hold the applause, please). If you are a first timer there and you tell her that you were referred by me, or ModaFresca then you will get $25 off of your first visit. 


Oh yeah, and since this is a personal style blog. This is what I wore today. ;)

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