Vestique Fashion Show and Babies

Hey Guys!!! Whoahhhhh...busy week! Work has been kicking my tail, I've been trying to regain some semblance of normalcy in my home after renovations left every single nook and cranny (like the English Muffin reference...I thought you might) of the place under 6" of dust, and I've been preparing for my BFF's baby shower. I cannot seem to stop buying things for this little baby girl. I am SO excited for her to get here. I have been prepping casseroles, wrapping gifts, cleaning  the house, etc. but I have not been blogging much this week. Sorry. 

Buuuut....I did go to a fashion show last week at Vestique, so I thought I'd share and give you their website so you can peruse the goods for yourself. Vestique has really cute stuff at super affordable prices. Happy shopping, Mamacitas!!!

 P.S- The BFF's maternity photos are on the "My Photography" page. If you are interested in checking out how absurdly beautiful this woman looks at 8 months pregnant just click the link above to get redirected. She looks so good, that if she were a stranger...I would secretly resent her. True story.

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