The Rainmaker

Shirt: The Limited, Pants: Express, Shoes: Off Broadway, Necklace: Vestique, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: Target
If you are having an outdoor wedding anytime soon, please let me know. I will be sure to NOT wear these pants and ruin it for you. They are more powerful than 100 million people simultaneously doing a rain dance. EVERY time I wear them it rains. No fail. I mean, it can't be tropical storm, Isaac, it MUST be my pants, right?  Needless to say...it was raining when I got home tonight. So,  I had to do an outfit post in my dining room. I almost didn't do one at all because this outfit is kind of lame, but then again, I am wearing royal blue pants and matching shoes, so I think that warrants a couple of pictures. Or maybe I just decided to do a blog post to document the fact that I took the time to dry my hair this morning (I'm such a lazy, whiny, loser in the morning...blow-drying is becoming more and more of a rarity). Either way, here you are.

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