Champagne Problems and a Cool Skirt

Shirt: Ann Taylor, Skirt: LOTUS (not on the website yet, but it will be - call or stop by to get yours), Shoes: ShoeDazzle, iPhone Case: Target
This skirt was the best part of my day. Today kind of...how do I put this??? Umm...sucked. I know that I am blessed beyond measure, that life is good, and that I am incredibly fortunate. I know that it could ALWAYS be worse, and that my worst is more amazing than some will ever experience. I just had a crappy, Monday. So...I am going to shut up and spare you. I am going to breathe, go outside, get some perspective, and hit the "reset" button. Nobody likes to hear a girl with first world problems complain. At least I know I don't.

Oh, before I go. This skirt is awesome, right. I HEART it. It's soft, stretchy, comfortable, unique, and only $48.00. So...get you some.

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