A much needed reminder...

I usually keep the photos I take on the "My Photography" section of the blog, but this wasn't your average photo shoot. The conversations we had during the course of yesterday's session got me thinking and I haven't stopped thinking about them all day.
This is my friend, Karen. We met through work about 5 years ago. Karen has a milestone birthday coming up and she is about 10 years older than than she looks (or at least than I think she looks). These are some of my favorite photos from the day and they are all in raw form. Not one has a filter, swipe of airbrush, or any other alteration made to it. You'd never know it from these photographs, but Karen was not comfortable in front of the camera (at first). I don't even think she was comfortable "asking" me to take these pictures for her initially. Karen is humble, reserved, controlled, and put together at all times. Well, at least that is what I thought she was when I first met her. To be completely honest, I thought she was so "by the book" that we would never be that good of friends. I was wrong though (way wrong) and I am so glad that I was. Karen mentioned numerous times that she felt, "silly", "narcissistic", and "weird" getting her picture taken. However, she ALSO said something pretty profound. "Hey...someday I'll be old". Isn't that the truth. Some day we will all be old (like 80, 90 years old, OLD... God willing). My boyfriend tries to remind me of this all of the time (when I am complaining about 10 lbs, a bad hair day, an outfit that isn't flattering, or just having an "off" day). He says, "You're pretty, and young, and you won't always be look this way (yeah, jerk...thanks for reminding me that it is going to get worse). Don't wait until you don't have it any more to appreciate it. Live in the moment". (Pretty wise words...although I am never in the mood to hear them when he is dropping all of this knowledge.) So many of us do that though, don't we. We put our happiness in the future. The day when our hair looks perfect. The day that we  drop 5, 10, 20, or 50lbs. When we have money to buy nice clothes. When we finally find a boy or girlfriend. When we get married. Have a baby. Get a boob job. Laser off our stretch marks, etc....etc...etc. It's easy to do and it's such a damn shame. It makes me sad. So, here is to you, Karen, for going ALL the way out of your comfort zone. For living in the moment, and taking a day to capture all of the beauty that you are...right here. Right now.

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  1. Thank you Melissa!!! You worked wonders woman! :o) I had so much fun! You are so right....how much time have we women spent "worrying" about how we look? Stop it. Stop it! Just be as healthy as you can be, do your brows and get on with life! :o) "You only get one". Thanks again, that's exactly what I needed... xoxo