SNO Preview...

Dress: LOTUS, Shoes: Off Broadway
HELLO, HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have felt like the BIGGEST LOSER lately (and not in a..."oh, I work out 5 hours a day and dropped 30 lbs. in as many days" biggest loser kinda way). I have been such a lame blogger. There has been so much fantastic stuff happening in Charlotte lately with the DNC being in town, fundraising & charity events, and STYLE NIGHT OUT that I have just not taken the time to blog over the last 2+ weeks. I feel with this post however that I have been REDEEMED. So what if I haven't taken pictures of what I wore to work lately (snore-fest)? I am coming back with a post of a dress that consists of chartreuse, leopard print, "pleather", a deep-v, and SHOULDER PADS (and it has an exposed zipper running down the back of it). What, What?!?!?!?! The dress speaks loudly enough for itself (and by "speaks" I mean, SCREAMS), so I kept the accessorizing to a minimum. Every piece that I chose though was intentional and beautiful by itself. I chose gunmetal and crystal earrings (they are hanging off of the bracelet in the picture above), a spiked cuff, an ENORMOUS and GORGEOUS silver, and gray ring that was a birthday gift (1of about 6) from my friends, Tommy and Justin. They gave me so many AH-MAZING pieces that I have decided to wear them all separately so as not to take away from any one piece. More to come from that myriad of gifts. I carried a small, gunmetal clutch, which ironically enough looked EXACTLY like the head of a microphone, and my highest closed-toed, patent leather hooker heels. 

I had the honor and privilege last night of hosting the PINK (in honor of our partnering charity, Carolina Breast Friends) carpet at STYLE NIGHT OUT, the biggest, baddest, most incredible fashion event in all of Charlotte (and I'm not saying that). My partner and crime, Joey Hewell and I talked fashion with all of the beautiful attendees as they were coming in and then I got literally thrown (with 5 minutes notice) on to the main stage to open up the show and introduce the creator and hostess of the event, the fanfriggintastic, Effie Loukas. I had NO idea I was going to be on the main stage, let alone open up the event, but that was kind of a blessing because I had NO time to be nervous! These are a couple of photos, mostly personal Instagram photos, to give you a taste of the evening. More to come!!!

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  1. Great write up and wonderful pictures! You looked gorgeous and were the perfect lady emcee.