Chop it...Chop it...

I'm loving short to medium length do's right now. Don't get me wrong....I think long hair is pretty (and versatile), but I am fiending for a change these days. I picked up the new issue of Instyle's Makeover edition while waiting in line at the grocery store tonight (I know...those genius marketers put those stupid magazines right by the check out for suckers like me). Julianne Hough (from Dancing with the Stars) has this fun, sexy, tousled short cut on the cover that I instantly became obsessed with. As I looked through the pages I saw a ton of short to medium cuts that I loved. I then got to a picture of Taylor Swift with her long blonde hair and bangs and I thought.."eww...so booooring" then I realized...ugh, that's the exact hair that I have. Hahaha. Nothing against chicks like me with long hair. It is beautiful (if you don't try to hold on to length just for length's sake that is) and most guys dig it (which always kind of annoyed me...what's the obsession? As if our hips, breasts, legs, and the ability to bear children don't make us feminine enough..get over it), but are those reason enough to hold on to it? It's cumbersome, takes forever to dry (or if you are one of those girls who can just shower and go...chances are that you end up putting it up 6 out of 7 days a week, you do don't you? Don't lie). I am really loving the way that shorter hair makes a woman's face stand out. It kind of say's... "look at me, I am bold, fun, sexy, and (wouldn't you know it) hotter than that girl with the waist length ponytail". There are so many different ways to switch up shorter hair. You can go big...get a cut and switch up the color at the same time, or (if you're not into the whole "Witness Protection Program" makeover)...just ease into it with a "LOB" (long bob). You could go for the side-swept crop like Ashlee Simpson, get a shaggy pixie cut like Carey Mulligan, go edgy with an asymmetrical bob a'la January Jones, do a loose wavy bob with bangs like Kerry Washington, try an hombre beachy bob like Miley Cyrus (before her recent switcharoo to a very short, very bad-ass platinum do---which I love). SO MANY OPTIONS....AGHHH...it's a smorgasbord of opportunity.  I feel like some times we hide behind our hair, don't you? Now...I don't want to hear it from all of you long haired ladies out there. I love long hair (duh), I'm just trying to figure out if I am holding onto it because I'd be scared without it, and if that's the case. It's got to go. I'm longing for the freedom of shorter hair. I mean some days I honestly skip working out because I don't want to dirty up my hair. Once it is up in a ponytail, there is a big crease in it, it gets all sweaty and greasy, and washing it...sweet lawwwd, that's a process that I have no desire to deal with. In the long run cardio and hot yoga is better for my self esteem, mental, and physical health than a good hair day. Right? Right. So, right now, I am contemplating. I don't think it will happen tomorrow, but I don't be surprised if once these bangs grow out a bit I don't show up one day with much shorter, much sassier do. Go Big or Go Home (as they say).

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