Black & Blue

Jacket and Shoes: LOTUS, Skirt: Banana Republic, Shirt: Marshalls, Necklace: Vestique, Watch: MK, Ring: LeVian at Jared, Earrings: Sis Style
Black tights, shoes, and jacket today, paired with....wait for it...a NAVY skirt. Yup. I said it. The old rule telling you that you cannot wear navy and black together belongs in the garbage. Yup... straight, TRASH. Right along with the no white after Labor Day one. It's all nonsense. But, just to make it glaringly apparent that my pairing was intentional (and not just a case of "getting dressed in the dark") I threw on a blue necklace too. My skirt could have been a simple oversight, but the blue necklace could not as easily be dismissed as an accident. I wasn't going to do a post today, because, let's face it...navy and black is not really that exciting. Annnd... it was cold and rainy and I had groceries in the backseat that needed to go in the fridge STAT, but then I realized that I was wearing my new SisStyle earrings. I got them in the mail the other day. I was so surprised and puuuuumped!! In case you have not noticed, I am obsessed with all of the Sis Style earrings that I have, just check out the SisStyle blog. You can see my obsession in full effect here here, oh...and here. Obsessed. Told you.


  1. It's so funny, I now wear black and blue I have just a twinge of hesitation each time thinking I'm doing something wrong. Old habits die hard I guess.

    I love the bows on the back of the shoes : )


  2. I feel that way with black and brown. Not tan, or camel, or taupe, but real-deal brown. I love them together, but I took look over my shoulder for people talking smack about my decision! HA! Old habits do die hard.