Jeans: Target, Blazer: Vestique, Shoes:ShoeDazzle, Scarf: LOTUS, Tank: Nordstrom, Earrings: Sis Style
This post is to inspire my little cousin to buy a pair of bright red jeans. I got a random text from her a week or two ago telling me that when she moves to a bigger city she wants to buy a pair of fire engine red jeans. She lives in a small town, goes to college 20 minutes down the road in an even smaller town, and is convinced that red denim has no place in either place. I beg to differ (DUUHHH). Why wait? Don't worry about being the girl who stands out, be worried about being the girl that seamlessly blends in. Come on, Jess...just look at these jeans. You know you want them. If you weren't a such a Skinny-Minny I'd send you mine. Alas...I've got a bit more junk in the trunk. Buuuut...there is this thing... called online shopping. You should try it out. Look...I've even made it easy for you. GO HERE, BUY THE JEANS. They are only $23.00... you're welcome.

P.S- Don't tell me you have no where to wear them. I wore this outfit to church yesterday. Yup, I said it...CHURCH. BOOM! Jesus would buy the jeans. Jesus loves red jeans.


  1. Ohhhhhh I love these colors together!!! You look great! Where did you get your spike bracelet? Love!

  2. Why THANK YOU, Mamacita!!! I got the bracelet for a few bucks at....wait for it...FOREVER!! If I make it there before you I'll snag you one for sure.