Lazy Bones

Pants: Banana Republic Outlet, Shirt: Marshall's, Belt and Necklace: Old Navy, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Watch: MK, Ring: Aldo Accessories

I have had this shirt, belt, necklace, and pants for over 5 years. I have been wearing them all together in this exact outfit for over 5 years as well. I put it on when I am lazy/tired/not feeling like getting dressed, but still have to look somewhat "put together". It usually starts with me being too lazy to shave my legs. So...defeated... I get out of the shower, go to my closet, pick out these pants...which are ALWAYS wrinkled from sitting because I don't think I EVER wash them.  I am not a big fan of trousers (but I am a big fan of that word), so I only have a few pair of "work pants". When I select these pants I just inevitably think of the rest of these items. This outfit is not very interesting. I'd like to think it was in 2007 (yes, George W. was still in office when I premiered this ensemble...it's been that long), when I started wearing it to work, but I am pretty sure I need to burn it at this point. I have switched up the shoes over the years, but not too much. I have always paired it with something nude(ish) and closed toe. I prefer a closed toe pump with pants. Just something about your whole leg being covered up, then, BAM, toes. Kind of "weirds" me out. It's one of those things that looks good on other people but that I just can't get down with too often. Have a great weekend, Mamacitas!!

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