Giving Thanks

What I am wearing for Thanksgiving. Stretchy leggings... duh, and if I get too aggressive with the food this scarf can double as an over-sized bib.

Some of my favorite Instagram quotes from this week. If you're on Instagram, let's connect (#modafresca).

I am so thankful for my Charlotte family; my "manfriend", little brother, and my new sissy-in-law.

Some pretty things, and words to live by. Thanks, Shelby Elizabeth and Lineage Bridal.  LOVE.

Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot with Nikko. A beautiful morning to reflect on the many blessings I have in my life.

I have the biggest crush on Tina Fey. Ever. And my love grows by the day.

Got a new lens for my camera just in time for lots of upcoming shoots! Whoop Whoop. Showing off my new pink beanie, looking like a bank robber.


  1. LOVE this post! Happy Thanksgiving my sweet friend!! I am thankful to know you!

  2. WHITLEY!!!!! Thank YOU! Thankful to know you too, and thankful for our little blogs that brought us together!!! We need to get together soon! XOXOXO