Vampire Love Hangover

 I have no energy to talk fashion. I just saw the last Twilight movie and I am emotionally spent. It took me  a lot longer than most to embrace the Twilight phenomenon, but once my bestest friend talked me into watching the first movie a few years ago... SHUT.THE.EFF.UP. I was hooked. I love, LOVE. Especially passionate, crazy, addicted, make you lose your mind, intense love. We all know that real life doesn't exactly lend itself to sustaining all that jazz... but man, getting lost in it for a few hours does not suck. So, I guess you could say that I have a vampire love hangover. UGH. I don't have the energy for a real post, so here are scraps from outfits I have worn over the last few days. Nothing too crazy, but some fun details nonetheless. They say the devil is in the details. Now, if a "vampire who was shamelessly in love with me" was in the details... I could get down with that.


  1. Melissa, how cool are those red zippers at your booties? :-). My favourite is the detailing on the collar, so elegant and feminine.


  2. Ani! Thank you! I love the red detail too. My favorite though is the gold and leather detail on that collar. I too, love the juxtaposition of the feminine and bad ass!!! ;)XOXOXOXOXXO!!! Have a GREAT weekend, BEAUTIFUL! We are celebrating Thanksgiving today in America, so I will be lounging around all day cooking and eating. I hope your day is just as enjoyable!