Sequins and a Second Wind

 Jumpsuit: Ivy & Leo, Blazer: LOTUS, Earrings: F21, Bracelet: Carsen Mackenzie
I wasn't really feeling like myself on Thursday night when I rushed home from work before going to LOTUS for our birthday party. I was tired, stressed out and I just wanted to pass out at 7pm. SO...I threw on sequins. Sequins are like a second wind for my soul. Pluuuus, I received this AMAZEBALLS bracelet in the mail from Carsen Mackenzie Jewelry (more details on how you can get you one -for the low, low- coming soon), so I had that going for me. I ended up having a great time, thanks to some wonderful friends,  a couple of sushi rolls, and my new found love.... the Sweet Potato Martini (don't judge me as you choke and roll your eyes... it tasted like a pumpkin pie and it came with a roasted marshmallow. WHAT! WHAT?!?!?).


  1. Melissa, you are actually the first one I see with a sequin blazer and love it, it looks chic, elegant and not to overdone as one others. Such a great statement piece. That cocktails looks really yummie I need to give it a try :-)


  2. Thank you, ladies!!! I love this blazer too. I think I'm going to style it next with a basic t-shirt and jeans. Switch it up! XOXOXOX