The ONE Sweatshirt My Mother Would NEVER Wear

Sweatshirt: Vivian B. , Skirt and Bracelet: Target, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Earrings: KK Bloom
Champagne Taste... Beer Budget. That about sums up my life. I saw this sweatshirt almost a year ago at Vivian B. and I had to have it. My Mom has been telling me that I have "Champagne Taste" for years now. You see, my Mother and I are polar opposites as it relates to fashion (and by "polar" I mean... you literally cannot get more opposite than the two of us are). I always refer to her fashion choices as "just your basic". You know... just your basic t-shirt, just your basic jeans, sweatshirt, shoes (clogs were her footwear of choice for years... even in snow), etc. She claims (often) that she has "absolutely no idea" where I came from. When she see's me it usually goes a little something like this... "Oh Missy Ree (short for Melissa Marie), how do you walk in those hooker heels? Wow, that is some red lipstick! Where are you going all dressed up? I mean... I would never wear it, but it looks good on you." You get the gist. My Mom get's dressed because she has to, not because she derives any pleasure from it whatsoever. Getting dressed actually stresses her out if she cannot wear scrubs (she is a nurse), jeans, a sweatshirt, and/or sneakers. We were on the phone yesterday when she made a comment about how I "never dress down" (which is a lie... I live in yoga pants as soon as I walk in the door of my house) and I told her that I was actually wearing a sweatshirt as we speak. She gave me a dramatic gasp and said, "reeeeally????" I replied, "Yup, but I'm wearing a skirt with it... BOO-YAH"!!! I could see her shaking her head, completely flabbergasted and wondering why in hell I would ever, could ever, dare ever, to do such a thing... a sweatshirt.... with a skirt!!!!????  Well, here you are, Mom. This one's for you. A sweatshirt, a $17.00 skirt from Target (beer budget), and boots. I can hear her now... "Thaaaat's an interesting outfit, Missy Ree. I don't get it, but you can pull it off because you are my beautiful baby girl; your Mama, loves you very much". And to that, I say... I love you too, Mama (and your closet full of hoodies).


  1. Melissa, Yeah, for some reason I see that Bloglovin button now and of course following you as #8 :-D

    Hahaha, how amazing is the printing on that sweater, totally cracked me up and for some reason and not knowing you, I dare saying it totally fits your witty personality :-D.
    Great style mixing going on here :-).
    Melissa what kind of lipstick do you use? Love that shade :-)


  2. HI!!!! Lipstick? It is Loreal Infalliable in Cerise. The number ID is 300. It's the best longweat EVER, but it is REALLY drying, so you'll need to use the topcoat that comes with it. Any other gloss or balm makes it run or bleed. I found that out the hard way. ;)