Jacket: Lotus Look, Jeans: Target, Shirt: F21, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Necklace: The Cheeky Bean, Purse: Clothes Mentor (R. Lauren), Earrings: SisStyle
I'm sure you're asking yourself, wherever did I find such a creative, unique location for a blog post? I mean... it's so visually stimulating, right? No, it's not and I know it. It sucks. It's the corner of an empty room. The exciting thing (for me anyway) is that it is the corner of an empty room in a new house. Yeah-Boiiieeee. I was hanging out is said house yesterday waiting for the cable guy to come and I was bored. I was also legitimately dressed with my hair blow dried for the first time in like 2 weeks. So... I got my camera and tripod out of my car and decided to do an outfit post (since I have been neglecting the ol' blog for a while). I felt like an absolute tool standing there smiling at the camera like there was something naturally amusing happening in this eerily empty room... awwwwwkward, but what-evs. This necklace had to be featured. Look at it... juuuust look at it. It's obnoxious, and almost comically large... I love it. The other thing that had to be shared was this BOMB-DIGGITY purse. I found this little vegan leather treasure by Ralph Lauren at Clothes Mentor. My sweet friends Shawn and Alyssa Cox own the high end consignment shop in Charlotte. I had cleaned out my closets, took 2 boxes to them to see if I could make a little cash back before donating everything and low and behold... I made $430.00! What, What?!?!? (I used that money to pay the guy who painted over the hideous mustard color that used to be int the kitchen/dining room of the new digs.) The best part was that the stuff that they didn't want went directly to a women's shelter. They donated if for me. How awesome. I highly recommend a trip to Clothes Mentor whether you are shopping, or thinking about donating. It's kind of awesome there.

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