Best Bracelet Ever? Quite Possibly.

DOPE!!!! I'm not talking about a dime bag. This jewelry is doooooope! Right? My outfit was pretty boring so I decided to spare you and just focus on the two pieces of "awesome" I am working with today. If you love the necklace, you may be out of luck. I got it at Aldo Accessories about 3 years ago so chances are strong that it is loooong gone. The elephant bracelet on the other hand, which just happens to be my favorite piece of jewelry right now is available. It was sent to me in the mail by the pretty lady behind carsen mackenzie jewelry. I have worn it a bunch of times and I have gotten stopped every single time by someone who wants to know where to get it. Well... you can get it on the website, AND if you enter the promo code MODAFRESCA you can score 20% off your entire purchase. You can get this statement bracelet (and everything else that is featured) for a STEAL at 20% off! If you need a Christmas gift for someone or (my favorite) a To: Me, From: Me gift this is where you need to be. Everything that you see on the site looks even better in person. I am obsessed. OB-SESSED.

The following items are also on my imaginary wishlist... this... this... this... and this.


  1. Dayum, woman! That IS dope. And that necklace???? Looks dangerously chic. Love. It.

  2. Why thank you, Mamacita!!! Yeah, my outfit sucked, but the jewelry was slamming. When all else fails... accessorize. Right?