Brows and Eye Make Up Must Haves

Earrings: Sis Style, Indelible Brow Pencil: Order from Website or find at Beautiful Brows Charlotte,  Brow Gel: Make Up Forever at Sephora, Angled Brush: Sephora, Eyeliner: Almay from Ulta, Lash Curler: Covergirl, Mascara: L'Oreal and Laura Mercier
It's kind of weird how often my eye brows and eye lashes are a topic of conversation with strangers. I'm not saying that they are "all that" but I get asked about them... a lot. Randomly, when I am cashing out at the grocery store, sitting at the nail salon, waiting in line for a smoothie, you get the picture. It always throw me off a little because I never used to have good brows. I butchered them with tweezers at Rachel Dlugolecki's house in the 7th grade. I ended up with a half of a right brow and a biiiig, uneven space between them. They were so thin. They made my face look completely different; in a way that made you think that something was wrong with me, but you couldn't quite put your finger on it. My step-mom still brings up the incident. It was brutal. I think I scared her more than myself. I mean, she had to look at the damage that I did to myself. (Sorry, Beanzo.) I didn't touch them again for 6 years when I was 18 and a Senior in High School. I got them waxed for $7.00 at The Hair Zoo while I balanced my head on a hair sink. It was not pleasant, but it was an improvement. These days I get them threaded and I am extremely particular about them. There are only 3 women in Charlotte that touch these brows (you know, because I am such a big damn deal and all)... Carla Jones (who just happened to train the other two ladies), Heather Jones (no relation to Carla), and Sandra Yela. Carla is no longer working (she and her awesome husband are on to bigger adventures), but she sold her business, Beautiful Brows, to her partner, Heather. Beautiful Brows is off of Rea Rd. and great for people who live in South Charlotte. I went there for years and still go there from time to time. Every single person who works there is a brow genius. Sandra Yela (of Unique Beauty - see her work on Instagram at UNIQUEBEAUTYNC) is located at Therapy Salon & Spa and she is my brow guru. I go to her every two weeks faithfully. Now, don't expect miracles. If she tells you NOT TO TOUCH your brows and you pluck them, she can't help you, BUT if you listen to her and let her work her magic, she can change your flippin' face. Sandra is great for those of you who live or work near Uptown. She is located off of East Blvd (near Dunkin Donuts). To make an appointment with Sandra, give the spa a call at 980-406-3363. A brow threading (or wax- for those of you who have not come over from the dark side) with Sandra will run you about $15, but if you tell her that Melissa referred you (or the ModaFresca blog) you will get $5 off your first service. Uh.... a $10 thread from one of the very best?!?!?! Yes, please.

As far as products go... if there were just 2 off this list that I would recommend you try they would be the L'Oreal mascara (you can find at Wal-Mart or Target) and the Make Up Forever Aqua Brow gel. My boyfriend's sister (and MUA- make up artist) turned me on to this gel and it is ridiculous. It is awesome in a tube. Truly. *Thank you, Renny Penny.


  1. Nice earrings!


  2. Why thank you! My friend makes them. You can score some at sisstyle.net if you want. :) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, T!