Little Red Dancing Matador

Cape: Century Vintage, Leggings: Old Navy, Sweater: F21, Boots: Kenneth Cole Reaction (Macy's), Jewelry: Carsen Mackenzie, Watch: MK, Skull Bracelet: LOTUS
Christmas Cape... oh Christmas Cape... how I love thee. Part Little Red Riding Hood, part bull-fighting Matador. When I had this on, my boyfriend called me "Little Red Riding Hood"; 5 seconds later I proceeded to dance around the kitchen waving each side of the cape in front of my two dogs like a Matador in an arena. I don't think that is typical behavior for a fairytale heroine (although I thought it was hilarious and laughed hysterically the entire time I was doing it). My cape  and I are clearly having an identity crisis. I wore this outfit on Christmas day (but only for a few hours and I never left my couch, so I wore it again today too). Christmas day was also when I received this Cheetah Crystal Cuff  and Onyx Arrow Necklace from my Stepmom. I say that the gifts were from my Stepmom, Barb, because although the tag read "Love: Dad and Barb" we all know that my Dad had absolutely NOTHING to do with these choices. Love him, but if he saw this cuff he would say, "Mis... what the F@*k is that thing jumping off of your wrist...?". Lucky for me, my Stepmom reads this blog, saw my post about all of the goodies on my wishlist at Carsen Mackenzie and went to town. I also got another bracelet that I loooove. I must not be the only one though, because it is sold out. If you decide to peruse Carsen Mackenzie and would like some goodies of your own don't forget that you can get 20% off by entering MODAFRESCA as your promo code. Hey, if you didn't get what you want for Christmas, give yourself a little To: Me, From: Me love. Ain't nothin' wrong with that, sister. Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

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