Totally Tubular

Cape and Skull Bracelet: LOTUS, Dress: Target, Snood: Aldo Accessories, Shoes: Off Broadway
1. Peep my neck scarf. It is called a snood. Yes, a snood. Wikipedia tells me that the word "snood" was historically used to describe a type of European headgear. In modern times however, it is used to describe  a tubular scarf. Not as in "totally tubular" but as in, tube-like... like this. A faux-fur snood is perfect for spicing up an outfit, specifically a jacket. Have you ever wanted a fur-trimmed jacket but really like your current coat, or you're just broke and can't afford a new one? Yes? Then may I suggest entering a snood to your current wardrobe? It kind of makes everything look fancier, don't ya think? Look at me, I'm so faaaancy with my fur scarf. BOOM.
2. I just got this bracelet for Christmas (another gift from my Dad and Stepmom). I love it. I want it to last forever so I can wear it every day between now and the time I am 95 years old. The little button/clasp has a mermaid on it. I mean, really? What's not to love?
3. Today is the first day that I have worn heels in over a week and my ankle still hates me for it. Stupid.fat.swollen.sprained.ankle. I hatechoo.
4. I got dressed up today to see my friend promoted from a Captain in the US Army to a Major. It was emotional and awesome and I'm so proud to know him. You're the man, Jeff. Congratulations!
The End.


  1. Melissa, how fun is that patterned dress. In combo with the beige cape it looks so sophisticatd.

    Have yourself a wonderful happy new Year and I cant wait to see more of your inspirational posts next year.

  2. You look gorgeous. Awesome photos as ever!

  3. Fleurani - I'm totally inspired by your new hair color. I need a change too... in the worst way.

    Whitley! Did your friend tell you I met her at LOTUS on Saturday while she was looking for a NYE dress? I forget her name, but she had a cute hubby and 2 adorable girls. So sweet!

    XOXOXOX, Ladies!!! Happy New Year!!