Crappy Hair and a Purple Rear

Jacket: Target, Leggings and Shirt: Old Navy, Scarf: F21 (years ago), Boots: Aerosoles, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: Gift from my friend, SBP *soujournertruuuuuuth*

#1. I have a purple butt. My leggings. They are purple. Yup... just call me "Captain Obvious"... or Grimace (big, hairy, purple creature from McDonald's commercials. Ring a bell?). I don't know why I bought these things, but I did and because I did... I am wearing them. I thought if that if they ever left the package, that they would be paired with something neutral. I sure didn't anticipate pairing them with a pink shirt, but here we are. 

#2. I can't really focus on writing about these leggings though because I am distracted by the sheer awesomeness of my hair. Look at it... it's gorgeous. Perfect, shiny, no grown-out roots, no split ends... nothing. Did my sarcasm come through? Was the extent of my facetiousness effectively conveyed?!?!?! I mean, really. Look at this shit? IT.IS.AWFUL. It's this weird grown-out golden blonde color, and on top of that I have my bangs pinned back. It's a mess. I have been contemplating going darker for a few weeks. I won't dye it my natural color because it is a disgusting mousey-brown (see roots in photo #3), but I am not afraid to go darker than that. The last time I went dark I went drrrrrrrrastically darker, but that was in 2008. I think it is time for a change. If I hate it so what. It's just hair, right? Not the end of the world. Stay tuned... if I chicken out I'll just go REALLY blonde to try to get rid of this "yellow" crap. I've got an appointment tomorrow. We shall see. I mean, someone is going to hate it either way right? Me, my boyfriend, my opinionated Grandma, a co-worker, a blog-reader, someone. They say that you can't please everyone though, right? RIGHT.


  1. I'm fairly certain I have a pic circa 2008 of you holding BHG with this dark hair you speak of. ;). And if I remember correctly it was a shorter style..... Back in those fabulous working days of mine. Now wouldn't that be a blast from the past if I could find it!

  2. Girl - you crack me up. I ADORE your sarcasm and your hair, for that matter, roots or not. You should see mine right now. The grey coming in at the roots is HORRIFIC. I know I must have an appointment coming up, because every time I see this much grey I know an appointment is just around the corner. However, since I NEVER write my appointments on my calendar, it's like a big surprise - will I miss the appointment or not? Eeeeekkk!!!

  3. Oh, Vick... I know the exact picture! I was wearing a navy wrap dress. Remembering events by what I was wearing... it's a problem. Can't believe BHG is GROWN now! WHAT!?!?

    Merci... that is the ONLY downfall about going darker. My gray is going to be front and center. At least when I bleached it within an inch of its life the gray could be mistaken for blonde. No more of that luxury. WAAAAAAH!!!