Girl Crush

Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Necklace: LOTUS, Shirt: Marshalls
The BF and I went out to dinner last night and I wore black leggings and a black tunic. Booooring. Since my outfit was Snoozefest 2013 I decided to jazz it up with the following: hooker heels, a statement necklace, red lips, and big hair. I didn't plan on doing an outfit post (clearly, I had to take a picture of my enormous hair via my entryway mirror), but I thought the necklace and shoes warranted a blog post. They are pretty rad, right? I mean, these are some serious accessories. I  heartthehelloutta them. 

Oh, and I just have to add: 
Last night we met 2 of my BF's college friends for dinner 1 guy (who I have known for years) and 1 girl (who I just met last night) and let me tell you something. I love developing girl crushes. The girl and I hit it off right away. Here's the 411. She is a real estate agent, just took the LSAT (entry exam to get into law school), spent a year backpacking around the world, and is leaving in a few days for a mission trip to Honduras (not her first). WHAT?????????? Come on!!! Who does that? I mean, I do, but only while I am dreaming about being a bad ass and taking life by the proverbial horns. We discussed goals, dreams, feminism, ambition, living in the moment, love, and life in general. It was a very refreshing 2 hours. There were two guys at the table with us, but they are awesome guys... not guys that get threatened by the aforementioned topics (thank God). I love it when two women meet and connect (versus judging one another, conjuring up superficial conversations and then fake smiling only long enough to go to their "real" friends and talk shit about the girl they are threatened by bitch). 

One last thing. I realize that by taking self portraits via a mirror in my house puts me only slightly above all the weirdos on Facebook who take cell phone pictures of themselves in public restrooms, but whatever. Don't judge me.


  1. Momma mia! Those are some shoes!

    You looked fab.


  2. From one non-judger to another, I am totally girl-crushing on you and your awesome new locks!!

  3. Hey Laaaaaadies!!!!!!

    Suzanne- Momma Mia is right. These babies are fierce and I.AM.IN.LOVE with them!!!

    My Whitley!! The girl love it reciprocated, my dear. Totally. Thanks for the hair love. I still go back and forth about it though. ;/