lotus flower bomb and MLK

Sweater: LOTUS, Shoes: Steve Madden

"Thanks... it's like wearing a snuggie. The upside is however, that your friends don't break-up with you for sporting it in public." That is what I said when I was complimented on my sweater this weekend; and it's true. This is the single most comfortable piece of clothing that I own. Perhaps that is why I wore it on Saturday... and Sunday... and again today. BAM! Does that make me a lazy dirt bag, or just just irrationally in love? I'm going with the second. It's a perfect article of clothing. It is in a stylish leopard print (but in an understated way, not an in.yo.face kinda way), it's got a flattering v-neck (I look awful in crew necks... my boobs are too big), the sleeves... although they look like cap sleeves, are not (I hate cap sleeves. Being cut off at the widest part of your upper arm... not good.), the length covers your butt, and the baggy fit is comfortable without being dumpy. I found it at LOTUS where I work part-time. Speaking of lotus. Did you notice my little lotus flower necklace? My friend, Jackie (the owner of LOTUS) got it for me annnnnnnd, I love it (and her). So pretty. The ladies of LOTUS and I had a much-needed, long overdue ladies night last night. We ate, drank, and discussed everything from boyfriends to bowel movements. It was very Sex and The City. If you haven't got up with your girlfriends lately, do yourself a favor and make.it.happen.

And.... Happy Martin Luther King (Jr.) Day and Inauguration Day. It's astounding to think of the impact that one life can have on human history isn't it? Humbling and inspiring... 

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  1. Melissa, LOVE your hair. Love, love, love!!!