I Got Nothin'

Shirt and iPad Cover: Target, Skirt: The Limited, Jacket: LOTUS, Necklace: Bebe (old), Watch: Michael Kors
I am sure we can all agree that getting your picture taken when you feel like crap really sucks. Which was the case today... which is why I am not really looking at the camera at all.  I got nothin'. But, committing to a having a personal style blog means that you share what you are wearing even when you don't want to make eye contact with another living soul. I woke up miserable. Tired. Too lazy to be bothered with my hair or tucking in my shirt. I curled a few pieces of yesterdays hair, put a necklace on (in the hopes that it would do a little something for this shit show I called an outfit) and left for work. I kept my jacket on all day because I was cold... or maybe because subconsciously I was playing the role of a biker chick... full of angst and rebellion. No matter.  The only thing I really had going for me today was the fact that my iPad cover is dope. It makes me happy so I thought I'd share. This cover is fun and so flippant that people who see you carrying it may assume that behind that cover you are reading Cosmo's "10 Ways to Drive Your Man Wild" when you are really finishing up a book on the social and political ramifications of the Cold War. Keep 'em guessing Mamacitas. Keep 'em guessing.


  1. Mel, what are you doing for living. AS I will move to the usa in 1.5 years I am so afraid what I will be able to wear at work as you have crazy dress codes over there. You always look stunning and not conservative so thats great.

    Looking great also you had a crappy day. Love love your new hair.


  2. Geez... I wish I looked this good on my sick days! You go girl :)

  3. Ani-

    I am a recruiter for a large financial institution. I find that you can get away with loud colors and prints as long as you are covered up. Cleavage and really short skirts have no business in the business world, but other than that the sky is the limit!

    Kelly- you are FAAAAAAAR too kind. I was a hot mess that day and whiny. Not cute!!!! ;)

    So grateful for you guys. XOXOXO


  4. How fun is that, we have the same job, I dont have any conservative dress codes at my current company in germany either but who knows how it will be when i move there. You need to let me know for whom you are working I will be in, I am a bad add recruiter ;-)