In need of a little INSPIRATION?

Hey Guys! I have never posted a video on the blog. Mostly because, well, that is what YouTube is for. BUT... my friend, Jamie shared this one on her FB page and I just happened to watch it. Tears started streaming down my face and by the end of it I was ugly crying (snot running, stuttered breathing, the whole 9). I haven't been this moved in a long time. This is not just a weight loss before and after video. It's a transformation of epic proportion. It moved me to the core to watch this guy work so hard for something he wanted so badly; something that he (and others) once thought to be impossible.  So... if you are in need of inspiration, perspective, humility, motivation, encouragement, or confidence please take 5 minutes and watch this. It will turn your day (and maybe even your life) around. Much Love, Mamacitas!

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