What I Wore the Day I face planted into the $19 Mil Dollar Man

Cape: Marshalls, Shirt: Eileen's (boutique in CLT that closed down years ago), Skirt: Express, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Earrings: SisStyle (I am obsessed with the NOLA style earrings on her site), Ring: Aldo Accessories

1. I never feel like a fully functioning member of society when I have a cape on. Maybe because they are as comfortable as a blanket and therefore I feel like a slacker who wears an afghan to work. 

2. My Grandma calls blankets afghans. 

3. Not much creativity going on today. I wore black and tan from head to toe. I don't usually go for a top to bottom matchy-matchy look, but this one didn't bother me too much. I almost left the black bean skin and sunflower seed in my teeth after my salad at lunch just to keep with the trend.

4. This is my dining room.

5. Awkward Moment of the Day #1: When I went to wipe away the black makeup from under my eyes and realized (after rubbing almost raw) that it was actually dark circles. FAIL. 

6. Awkward Moment of the Day #2 (totally topping #1.): Leaving from work today, walking out of my building and literally running into the chest of the CEO of the bank that I work for (we were both walking and looking down at our phones and passing through the same door).  This guy is the head of the 4th largest bank in the United States. He makes over $19 Million a year. Over 270,000 people ultimately report up to this guy. He talks on the phone with Warren Buffett for God's sake and I probably left a lip gloss stain on his shirt from where I slammed my distracted face into his chest. A shirt, might I add that probably costs more than I make in a day. Sweet LAWD I am a friggin' moron.


  1. You should have screamed, fallen down and laid there crying for an ambulance. That'd get him : )


  2. You had me at afghans <3

  3. You had me at afghans <3

  4. Suzanne- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I totally should have done that. Can you say, RAISE?!?!?

    Mary Jo- Afghan... is that a Hornell thing, you think?

  5. What did he say? hahahah thats too funny :-)

    Love that cape, super elegant!

  6. Melissa,
    You look gorgeous here!!!! Still loving the new color locks :)