All- American Ape Shit Crazy

Hey Mamacitas! Sorry that I have been kind of MIA here recently. I have been busy getting my ass handed to me by my corporate job. Sweet and gentle, 6lb. 8oz. baby Jesus. I am stressed the hell out. On top of that I have 8... count 'em... 8 family members coming into town this weekend. That, ironically enough, is not stressing me out though. It is just giving me something to look forward to. A light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, if you will.

Couple of things:

1. This is  ring. It has diamonds  and a gemstone on it. It fits my left hand better than my left, so that is where I occasionally wear it. I have stated this before. Buuut... if I have one more woman (older, Southern, stranger) tells me that it is sending "the wrong message sweetheart" I am going to go ape shit, bananas crazy and start scissor kicking strangers in the mouth. The most recent conversation went like this...
Random: "Oh, what a beautiful wedding ring you have!"
Me: "Thank you. It is not a wedding ring though. It's a beautiful gift that I recieved from my boyfriend and it fits better on this hand."
Random: "Oh....Honey... some fine young gentleman who is looking for a wife is going to think you are married with you wearing it on that finger. You don't want to send the wrong message do you???"
Me: "Yes... yes, I do want to send the "wrong" message. *fake smile plastered on my face*" EXIT Stage Right
What the EFF? Who says that shit? I mean, I get it. Easy mistake to make, but the rest... the condescending tone and old-school sexist bullshit. Get outta here with that crap.

2. I look very "All-American" in my denim and white button down, right?

3. I hope you all have a GREAT weekend! Wish me luck. I think with 10 people in the house we are all going to dress as our favorite animals and reenact Noah's Arc all weekend. I mean... we have enough people to rep at least the vast majority of the animal kingdom. Good times.

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