Butter Finger(s)

Pants: Express, Shirt and Bracelet: Target, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Big Necklace: Vestique, Vegan Leather Jacket and Little Necklace: LOTUS

1. This is what I wore to work this week. The pants are too tight, so the shirt is untucked. Nothing less attractive than a big shirt tucked into little pants. Am I right? Yes... yes, I am. I am telling myself that my "slacks" shrunk at the dry cleaners, but the more realistic answer is just that they are tight and that in order for them not to be tight I should drop a few lbs. Shit. I hate that answer.

2. FACT: If you wear shoes that are the same color as your pants, your legs will look longer.  I mean, I would not advise going out and buy denim shoes to sport with your jeans. Don't get CRAY. Do it w/in reason, but do it. Trust. 

3. I was watching GLEE tonight and Leah Michelle's character had long acrylic pointed nails and I kind of want them. I already have my color picked out. Trendy? Yes. Practical? No. I mean, I'll probably get sick of them after 3 days, coat them with peanut butter and invite my dogs to gnaw them off, but whatevs.

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