LOTUS, Cougar Cuff: Carsen MacKenzie, Necklace: Aldo Accessories
Thursday night I got together with my lady loves and attended FRONT ROW CHARLOTTE (sometimes nothing feeds the soul like a good ladies night out). Never heard of Front Row Charlotte? It was the first of it's kind in the Queen City. It was a fashion show that featured the spring lines of 5 local boutiques (Chezelle, KK Bloom, Lotus, Monkees of Lake Norman, and Shop Olive Online) and the best part... at the conclusion of the show... you could round the corner, enter little "pop-up shops" and buy all you just saw (and more). There was fashion, food, beer, shopping, and a wonderful charity (Safe Alliance) who received a $4,500 donation from the proceeds of all of the ticket sales. And let's all sing... "Who could ask for anything more?".  This is what I wore. Nothing too major... a sparkly tunic, leather trimmed leggings (I dare you to wear leather leggings and not feel like a total bad ass... it's impossible), and some sky-high hooker heels (but of course). I did do something out of the ordinary though... I ... wait for it... washed.my.hair... fiiiiinally. Yep... true story. That in and of itself was worth documenting. 
Speaking of hair... let's talk about growing out straight across, blunt bangs shall we? The process sucks my ever-loving will to live. I  hate it. I try to push them over to the side and then I have this big chunk on the other side just hanging out being unruly. Twist them back with a bobby pin, you suggest? No. I look like a moron. In the 1st grade I woke up on picture day with the gum I had in my mouth stuck to a big chunk of hair right in the front by my face. My mom tried ice, peanut butter, Crisco.... every home remedy she could think of  to get it out (and I had 3 younger brothers at the time, she didn't have time for all bullshit before school and work).  So, she finally just ended up cutting the gum out. The cut resulted in a big, uneven chunk of really short hair just hanging out by my face. I had to wear my hair (pinned back, braided back, twisted back) in mini barrettes and ribbons for almost a year (shut it... it was 1985/6... ribbons were in).  Clearly I have been scarred.


  1. Hahaha Melissa, I can so rely to this. I had gun all over my head so they shaved it all off :-0. Oh and by the way I wash my hair only once a week too :-), nothing wrong wit that. I love how you gave this clean look some glitter with the accessoires.

    I am throwing a link up party on my series an old flame never dies today, open till sunday. Maybe you have some cute oldies in your wardrobe that you wanna share and link up? :-)


    1. Omg gum not gun hahahaha, sometimes I am such a retard :-D

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  3. Melissa,

    Love the post! I can always depend on you for a little mid-afternoon humor to brighten up my day.

    Love ya!