Getting Out Of Your Own Damn Way: A How-To Guide

I'm in a really good place tonight. One of peace and gratitude, so please bare with me while I get all mushy and zen. I got to thinking, I have been pretty stressed out lately by my job and it has spilled over into other areas of my life. I became kind of negative for a minute there and that is not naturally who I am. So, I thought I'd share some things that I did to help myself out of my little funk. 

1. I did a random nice thing for someone else. 
At times we neglect the people closest to us. We take for granted those who love us the most. Not in way that we are really conscious of... we don't do it on purpose, but we do it nonetheless (or at least I am guilty of it). We just kind of give our best selves all day long to our bosses, kids, clients, friends, employees, and even strangers. Anyway... I was out and about on Sunday. I went to Target,  and while I was there (looking at books and lip gloss)... I had an idea. "Instead of spending $50-100 on shit I don't need here... why don't I take my boyfriend's car and fill his tank full of gas so that he does not have to do it before his commute tomorrow morning"? His car was on E, so I filled it up, and then put a little note on his dash and left it for him to find in the AM. Monday morning it was cold and rainy (which made my little random act of kindness that much more appreciated). He called me as soon as he saw the note. I like to think that it made his morning. Hearing him light up with surprise over the phone... well, it made mine.

2. I stopped dieting. 
I started eating vegan a little over a month ago and I have never felt better. I don't focus on what I can't eat, I just focus on all of the wonderful things I can enjoy. I do this and I pay no mind to quantity, calories, fat, carbs, etc. It's the single most liberating thing that has happened to me in a long time. I weigh myself once a week.. like a normal person, not every time I pee like have done at other points in my past. I have been f**king dieting since I was 12. I'm tired.

3. I contributed to a cause that moved me. 
On my way into work today there was a fund drive on the radio benefiting an organization that helps children who are sick from contaminated drinking water. There is a single pill that these children can take to kill the parasites (worms) that are in their stomachs and the pill only costs 44 cents. Many of these kids die from malnutoriton and dehydration, but they do not have access to water that won't hurt them. The testimonies on the radio moved me to tears, so I called in an made a donation. Nothing too major, but enough to make a little bit of a difference... it bought some of those pills and the start to a new well in a village far beyond my zip code. Then, I went into work and I e-mailed 15-20 of my friends letting them know how they could contribute. Spread the love, ya know. 

Anyway... I'm not telling you all of this to shove sunshine up my own ass. I am SO FAR from perfect that it is laughable. I struggle with all sorts of demons, but once in a while you just need to get out of your own damn way in order to feel better, ya know?

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