Monday evening I was invited to a screening of one of the best films I have seen in a REALLY long time. Girl Rising. 

I could go on and on about how powerful, encouraging, humbling, sickening, uplifting, and eye-opening, Girl Rising is... but even if I gave you a full summary, I could never do it justice. If you are a woman, if you are a girl, if you have a daughter, or son... if you are a man who loves a woman or a girl... if you are a humanitarian, and educator, and activist, or even better... if you don't give a damn about anything... if nothing ever seems to really "move" you... shake you to your core, PLEASE watch this. If you need to be reminded of the power of the human spirit... inspired by people who (with all of the odds against them) break barriers and blow past any and all limitations, then this film is for you. It shook me. It stirred my soul, made me cry, and made me swell with anger and encouragement all at the same time. It made me feel so much gratitude for the life I have and awakened a sense of responsibility that I have for women and girls all over the world. Please watch this trailer (it is only a minute and a half) and then, go to the website to learn more. There is so much to be done (and it's much harder to turn the other cheek after it's been soaked with your own tears).

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