Zestfully Clean Phobias

Hey Guys! Greetings from Boise, Idaho. Nope, that is not a typo...

1. I am really in Boise this weekend for a wedding. Can't lie... before getting here I had NO idea where Idaho was on the map. It's way the hell up in the Northwest... like, between California and friggin' Cananda. I thought it was in middle America for some reason, but I'm pretty sure I was confusing it with Iowa.  

2. This is what I wore on the plane. Nothing too impressive, but very comfortable. Leggings and a long tunic. The only reason I even took some photos for the blog is because I was so damn impressed with how well my tunic matches my shoes. COME ON. It's impressive, right? Although, I must admit that all of this minty green color everywhere has me feeling a bit like a bar of Zest soap. Then of course I immediately start singing... "You're not fully clean, unless you're Zestfully clean!". (That slogan came out 23 years ago... kudos to that marketing team.)   

3. Update... I had my trendy long nails for 2 weeks and then I had to get them all chopped off. Typing with those sons a beeetches was the single most infuriating then EVER. I type all day e'ry day. I just couldn't handle it anymore. There are only so many times you can aim for an "a" and hit the "w" key without losing it. I mean... referring to  someone a "wsshole" just doesn't have the same effect. I never realized how many times a day I type the word "asshole". I need to be more creative... "use my words," if you will.

4. My sister in law hates this necklace. Why you ask? Oh, becuase she is a complete weirdo and has a phobia of small clusters of round ball-like things. Seeing this around my neck would literally make her skin crawl. She would be uncomfortable as all hell. Weird, right? Makes me laugh every time I think about her face srunching up and recoiling in disgust. She claims there is a name for it, but I she's full of crap. Hahahaha... (you know I love yooooou, B).

5. I have 3 days worth of hairspray (and the occasional leftover hand lotion) holding mt bangs back into this disgusting ponytail. I need to do better.

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