Ridiculously Bad Luck

Did you notice the sweet bandage I am sporting on my left hand in these pics? Yeah... more about that in a sec. Have you ever gone through a period in your life (a day, week, month, God forbid... a year) where it seems like you are having plain ol' bad luck???? Not devastating,"real" problems or big issues, just regular, annoying shitty luck? Well... I have, and it's been going on for about a month now.

1. It started with my car. I got a brand new car about a month ago. BRAND spanking new. It was big enough to cart around our dogs and bikes (which I had missed having a small car the past 4 years). It smelled new, it was shiny and pretty and I negotiated the price and options LIKE A BOSS!!! I am pretty sure that I sang, Beyonce's "Who run the world??? GIRLS!!! into the phone to my boyfriend as I drove away from the dealership bouncing up and down in the drivers seat. I was pumped. I got it home on a Friday night. On Saturday afternoon I drove 2 miles to Target. As I was pulling into the plaza... BAAAAAAM... t-boned by an 18 year old kid. He accelerated and smacked straight into the driver's side of my BRAND.NEW.CAR, and then... wait for it... the kid SPED OFF. Yup... the little effer drove away. I chased him down (as fast as I could in a crowded plaza, with an effed up car). He eventually turned around and we called the cops, but there I was... less than 24 hours with my new car, in a crowded plaza, in the pouring rain, with a punk-ass (who ended up just being a kid who was scared to tell his mom he ran a stop sign). After about 20-30 minutes I got all zen and calm (but it took some damn yoga breathing to get there.. no lie).  I had that moment of perspective... it went like this.... "It's not a big deal. No one was hurt. It's just stuff, etc." Not a big deal, but it sucked. Almost a month later... BOTH of the doors needed to be ordered and replaced, as well as all of the computer/sensor stuff. A month later... still in a rental.

2. A knife went through my hand. Last Friday I was making a salad for lunch while I was working from home. I was trying to get the pit out of an avocado with a steak knife. The knife slipped and went into the "meat" of my palm and straight THROUGH my index finger. I was home alone. I wanted to scream obscenities, but instead, I wrapped it with a towel, breathed really hard and slowly, and then drove myself to the ER (where I got an X-ray, a tetanus shot, and stitches). No nerve, tendon, or bone damage, so crisis averted... but still. Some pretty shitty luck.

3. Today. Not nearly as dramatic as the first two, but annoying nonetheless. I drove straight from work to yoga. So... I had to change in the bathroom (think... a bathroom like your house, not public restroom). I had my yoga clothes balancing on the sink while I got out of my work clothes. I went to grab my yoga clothes and turned on the FAUCET. It was a stupid, friggin' sensor faucet and it was on a timer, so it didn't turn off immediately. I scurried, with my ONE GOOD HAND to get my clothes out of the way, but not before the water soaked (uncomfortably close to) the crotch of my pants. Just friggin' awesome.

I'm deciding to use these moments as little life lessons and for some reason I felt compelled to share. Insert random Dali Lama quote ___here___, you know, about life, patience, and perspective. :)

New Car On Friday..... New Car On Saturday

Waiting for my antibiotic and pain meds in the parking lot of the pharmacy, post knife fight (with a piece of fruit).

Swampy Yoga Crotch


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