Statistics Lie

Dress: LOTUS, Blazer: Vestique, Shoes: Guess, Ring: Target, Earrings: SisStyle (love her new spring earrings... I want EVERY pair), Necklace: LOTUS
I love jewelry. Not necessarily fancy, expensive stuff (although I wouldn't exactly kick that stuff outta bed); all jewelry. I've always tied jewelry to a memory, person, time in my life, etc. I realized as I was reviewing these photos that this particular "arm party" is especially... well... special. Here's what I think of when I see these bracelets... 
  • #1. I share this "friendship bracelet" with 2 of the most amazing, strong, driven, inspiring women I know... Mary Tribble and Leslie Palmer. I gifted them to both ladies the last time we saw each other. They are mentors and much, much more to me. This bracelet reminds me of them every time I see/wear it. 
  • #2. I love all things elephant and have collected them since I was a kid. I bought this bracelet for myself. I think it's beautiful and it makes me happy. 
  • #3. My girl, Effie, brought this bracelet back from Greece and gave it to me at my 32nd birthday party. Love.
  • #4. My mother bought this for me a few years ago... Love, Faith, and Hope. Not ironically, these are all things that my mother has given me in my life.
  • #5.  I bought this little evil eye bracelet in NYC. One for me, and one for my BFF, Carrie. Her's is purple. Legend has it that wearing an "evil eye" turns back or deflects those wishing you harm or misfortune. 
  • #6.  Another elephant bracelet. Bought this in NYC while I was there on a buying trip for LOTUS. I was in and out of the city in 8 hours, but I had the BEST.TIME.EVER with my girls, Jackie and Effie. Reminds me of that world-wind trip, and to be spontaneous. The best times are always when you least expect them.
P.S - So... I saw this NIKE quote somewhere online this week and I thought it was AWE-SOME. I wasn't planning on including it on the blog necessarily, but it hit home pretty hard and then became even more relevant as I was putting the outfit photos together for this post. 

I realized that I had just beat myself to death over a bad photo. I saw this photo of myself and I immediately went into dissection mode. It was a mental shit show. A war. Me versus... well, Me. It went like this...  

"UGGGGGH... my arms are busting out of these sleeves, my boobs are not separated and my cleavage makes me look like a damn floosey... I hate these stupid, enormous, trashy boobs.. why are they so effing big?????????????? My legs look out of shape, and I need to drop a good 15 lbs ASAP. I need to get it together, pronto. Lazy ass. God, I hate my hips, stomach, legs, upper arms, double chin... all of it. WAAAAAAAH"

What... the... "D"uck is wrong with me??????? I would Ninja kick another woman if I heard her talking like that about herself, but there I was. It took me 2.0 seconds to go into self-loathing mode over a stupid "unflattering" photo. I focused on all of my perceived "shortcomings" instead of the fact that my body is friggin' awesome. It's healthy, I nourish it well and it takes me everywhere I need to go. It allows me to breathe, see, hear, feel, touch, taste, etc. It gets me through a long work day and back to back hot yoga classes LIKE A DAMN BOSS. It's strong enough to lift small children, and heavy barbells. It's not sick or frail, and has healed itself through some pretty major shit. Someday... it may even give birth to another HUMAN BEING?!?!?!?!? < ****Mind... Blown****> It's not ever going to be on the cover of a magazine, but it's pretty dope. Sometimes we need a good, swift kick in the ass don't we? How can we ever expect to fight off the pressures of the world, when we can't even quiet the voice in our own head? Enough is enough... GEESH!


  1. Melissa, you are such a natural beauty... I love seeing your daily looks as they are so stylish and refreshing. I dont leave a comment very often but always check them out, so you know.Especially this floral caribbean dresss is breathtaking. Love the light layering with the cardigan. Super chic, my favourite of yours :-).


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