Mother of Dragons


Dress: Asos, Shoes: ???, Earrings: little boutique in Savannah, GA, Watch: Michael Kors
1. Yesterday's Game of Thrones reference made me think of these little gems. My Game of Thrones, (Kaleesi) Mother of Dragons earrings. They are not actually affiliated with GoT at all. I mean... I'm obsessed, but I did not order them on some weird, fan paraphernalia website for 3 easy payments of $9.99. I found them last summer in Savannah, Georgia while we were there for a wedding. They are carved out of some crazy ebony tusk thing, and they were WAAAAAAAY more than I would EVER (evah....evah...) spend on earrings. However... I showed them to my boyfriend and he thought they were awesome. So... he bought them for me. Yup... and the winner for the best boyfriend ever award goes to..... 
I think he was just pumped that I showed interest in something that was so blatantly Sci-Fi. I mean... dragons... his thing... but not really mine (at the time... now I am ALL in.... maaaaaajorly in).

2. This dress. LOVE. I bought it almost a year ago from asos.com and I have never worn it. I don't know why though, it's pretty perfect. Right? I pulled it for my sister-in-law from my closet a few weeks ago. I took the tags off when I loaned it to her for a wedding and I couldn't wait to get it back to wear it. Clearly. I mean... I wore it to work today. A little much for work, maybe? Maybe not?

3. I bought these shoes in NYC 3 years ago. I found them in some SUPER shady store amongst loud-ass neon high tops, skin tight $10.00 cut-out dresses, and postcards. Yup.... not exactly Neiman Marcus, if ya know what I'm saying. It was like finding a buried treasure amongst pile and piles of NYC branded junk. I bought them in black and in brown and I heart them. Best part... not uncomfortable. Swear on the life of all of my baby dragons. They do NOT hurt my feet. It's like a Christmas miracle.

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