Bless Her Heart (and her ugly skirt)

May I vent for a moment, please? Thanks.

What the hell is wrong with people? Really. Let me tell you a little story...

So... my girl, Natalie and I go to the dentist's office today for our cleanings. I walk by the front desk. At the front desk there is a woman and her daughter. The woman sees me... looks me UP AND MUTHAEFFIN DOWN in slow motion  and then says to the two receptionists at the desk..."Ugh... what is that girl WEARING? That skirt doesn't even MATCH that shirt! I mean, the shirt is pretty, but it DOES.NOT.MATCH. Why? Why would she wear that together? It's ugly. The shirt is a pretty color, but really, with that skirt??? Why??? I just don't understand why she would do that?"

True story. Now... I didn't hear it with my own ears, because you know how ladies roll in the South... they say that shit under their breath or outside of ear shot. She probably said, "Bless Her Heart" at the end, too. ("Bless Her Heart"... for those of you not from the South, essentially means, please... "take pity on the poor, foolish girl, for she knows not what she does" and it is extremely condescending). I know all of this, because as soon as she left, BOTH of the girl's at the front desk came into my room while I was getting a cleaning and TOLD me she said it. It's a good damn thing I had sharp objects in my mouth, so I had to take a second to react. Instead of dropping 68 F-Bombs in retaliation I simply said... "No worries. It's okay. Annnnnd... the moment I start taking fashion advice from a woman in a neon t-shirt, knee-length jean shorts and a scrunchie is the day I slowly start dying".

You see, my Manfriend is the dentist, so the girls at the desk and I are tight. You never know who you are talking shit about right? It may just get back to them. And TRUST... if that chick was still there when I was finished, I would have walked right out in front of her... real slooooow like, flashed her a big smile (with my freshly polished grill)... stopped .. adjusted my (ugly) skirt, and asked her, ever-so-kindly to kiss my ass.

Just for the record. I love this skirt, AND I love it with this shirt. AND the fact that it does not "match" makes me love it even more. BAM BEEEAAATCH.


  1. Ha ha you are awesome!!!! Would've loved to have seen you put her in her place!

  2. i happen to love it. also your response to her should include a little "bitch, don't kill my vibe."

  3. Also I have that necklace and it's the jam-boogy.

  4. Ohhhhhh.... Katie. "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" would have been the coolest response ever to that miserable bag! I'm sure it's something I would have thought of in hindsight. Like... whilst driving home in my car, long after I told her all about herself, her neon, scrucnhie, JORTS.... and bad teeth.(I don't really know if she had bad teeth, but whatevs.)

  5. I think the skirt looks wonderful with the top. I think the outfit is fun and modern. I wonder if the vibe killing fashion buzzkill only buys tops and skirts in sets (didn't those go out of style in the early 90's?)
    Where did you get the shirt and necklace? I need them!!

  6. Right!!! The only thing about clothing that comes together is mixing it up! I got the shirt at Target in April (I think) and the necklace was a Birthday gift from a friend, so I have no idea where she got it?