A $16 necklace, and a $400 dinner...

Do you love this necklace? I love the hell out of this necklace. I bought it like 5 or 6 years ago at a really cheap store. You know, one of those stores that I should have stopped going into a loooong time ago... like Charlotte Russe, or Forever 21. I love it SO much, that I have spent more than what I paid for it getting it repaired over the years. Certain jewelry reminds me of special moments. This necklace is no exception. This is the necklace I wore when I almost shit myself in public.

I went to dinner with my (now) Manfriend for his birthday in 2010. This was before we were even really dating. We were just friends kind of getting to get to know each other. I found out that he had no plans on the actual evening of his birthday (a weeknight), so I offered to take him to dinner. I chose a ridiculously expensive, very uppity steakhouse (trying to show off and act like a high roller, apparently). We ended up ordering LOTS of food, even more wine (lots and lots of wine), a couple (yes, more than one) dessert... oh and champagne with dessert. When the bill came I quickly snatched it up. When I opened it, I saw that the two of us spent... wait for it...  $364. On dinner. For two people. I about shit myself right then and there. My stomach dropped as they swiped my debit card. I resented even having to leave a tip on a bill like that. When he dropped me off at my house after dinner, I logged into my online banking account and just stared at the debit amount on my computer screen for what seemed like eternity (blinking over and over to see if the number would somehow, magically decrease).

You know when dumb stuff happens, how someone inevitably says... "Oh, we'll laugh about this some day". I'm here to tell you that it's NOT true. Three (plus) years later... still not laughing. Still sick to my stomach that I spent a small car payment on one dinner. THAT is what this necklace reminds me of. BARF. Needless to say, the next 3 birthdays this dude has received a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner and a high five. And ever since... on his birthday, one single,  solitary tear falls from my face (in slow motion) over the (after tip) more than $400 I spent on one meal. Writing this actually makes me mad all over again. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. 


  1. Speaking of...I almost shit myself reading this. Best part, "...and a high five.' LOL...priceless...

  2. Hahahaha..... Yup... I mean, it's his birthday, so it's not your average High 5. We both get running starts, so when we meet in the middle, it's MAGIC.

    Miss you!

  3. Holy shit Melissa, I would have shit in my pants too. You can actually go on vacation for this amount :-D. Nothing wrong with cheese ham sandwiches hahahha. Love your way of writing, always makes me laugh :-)


  4. Ani- Hahahahahaha. I know you can!!! I wish we would have!!!

    I see we are both back to blonde now!Neither of us lasted too long as brunette's did we? LOL

    1. Do you feel better when I tell you that I went to Italy to a 4 stars wellness hotel for that money? :-P hehehe but we only had cheese ham sandwiches for breakfast which is fine ;-)

      Yeah, I was brunette for only 2 month and it was def enough. Also it didnt look bad, it was just not me. Blonde just fits so much better to my bubbly personality. What is kinda funny, people took me more serious with brown hair :-D
      I liked the brown hair on you as a Mercedes but blonde is just the Ferrari ;-)
      However I like that we are not afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out new things. Like your shorter hair, I had it 3,5 years ago, it looks refreshing and so smart! :-)