Jesus and Zip-Up Platform Shoes

I wanted to use this forum today to talk about a relevant and controversial social issue... Global Warming. 

Siiiiiiiike. Let's discuss (dare I say, an equally as important subject) these SHOES!!!! Sweet LAWD. These bad boys are insane AND I love them. I have no idea what made me think it was okay to buy these, or where on earth I would wear them once I had them, but whatthehellever. I am obsessed with them. A little bit disco, a little bit stripper, and a whole lotta awesome. I mean, who doesn't need a pair of obnoxiously loud, color-blocked, platform, zip-up, snake skin, ankle-strapped, gold-trimmed hooker heels??

I admit. I played it kind of safe, bouncing my shoe color off of my shirt, but I think I am looking most forward to wearing these suckers with something that I have absolutely no business pairing them with. So far I have worn these (this exact outfit actually) to a friend's birthday dinner, to church, and to a dinner date with my Manfriend. Yes... I said church. I wore these to church. Not Sunday service (although I am not opposed), but to a weekday event. Hey, what can I say? It's not your grandmother's church, and the way I see it, Jesus does not give a HOOT about what I have on my feet. Right? Right.

Oh, and don't judge me because I glazed right over Global Warming in favor of a two-paragraph soliloquy about shoes. I am superficial. So what; yesterday's post included 3 legit book reviews... BAM!

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