My Home, and My ZERO Dollar Redecorating Budget.

I am a gypsy. I have shared that I moved A LOT over the course of my lifetime and that I like it that way, right?  I bore REALLY easily, and I love change. That being said...

We moved into a new house in  December of last year, and I decorated it. I liked the way it turned out. I was happy with it... AND THEN, all of a sudden today after church I had an overwhelming urge to redecorate... everything (my two-day headache had subsided and I was BACK and full of energy). One teeny-weensy problem though. I do NOT have enough money to go out and start buying a shit ton of new stuff for the house. And of course by "enough money" I mean, no money. Zero. SO... I decided that I would take stuff that I already had from other rooms in my house and redecorate my living room and (by default) my dining room (and by further default a couple of other areas of my homestead).

Here is my dining room in December when we moved in. I took pictures then because I was SO pumped to be moving. I am glad I did because now they make great "before" shots.

Here is my dining room now. What prompted my redecorating urge was the fact that I wanted to swap out the gray carpet that was in my living room. My dogs have made it look like complete crap. Meanwhile, the seafoam/baby blue carpet in my dining room, was in pristine condition. SO... you guessed it. Swap. I moved my living room carpet into my dining room.  

(P.S. - I realize that my dining room curtains are far too short for the window, but whatever. I had them from my old place, I liked the pattern, and I just have not gotten around to buying new ones. Don't judge.)

This is my entryway when we moved in. Fun mirror, lamp, and a framed photograph. The end. Booooring. 

This is my entryway now. I took one of the chairs that I used to have in my living room and I stuck it in the entryway (and put two old throw pillows from my home office on it). You'll notice I have turquoise and royal blue in this area. You do not have to be matchy-matchy all of the time. Things should kind of "work" but do not have to match exactly.

This was my living room in December. I have no idea what prompted me to pair gray, white, turquoise, and yellow in a room, but I did it (and I really liked it). Until (as I mentioned) today, when the rug started driving me nuts and I got REALLY sick of the yellow. 

So... enter.... dining room rug, lamp shades from the guest room, two chairs that used to be in the front room, the ottoman from the landing upstairs, and the throw pillows from the dining room (bringing a pop of coral into the mix). 

I have a thing for throw pillows. It's kind of a running joke amongst a few of my friends. I have been given the title of "Throw Pillow Queen" and I wear the crown proudly. I have changed the location of a few chairs around my house, and the throw pillows on them and WHA-LA... given them all new life! 

Again... you do NOT have to match every single thing perfectly if you do not want to. If you want to, that's fine. Yours will look like the house of a grown up. Perhaps my random mix of color, pattern, and design stems from too many teenage years sporting tye-dyed t-shirts evvvvvery.single.day.  

Before, with yellow in my living room. Now, with orange, in my front room. I love turquoise and orange. I don't care what you say. 

The other chair from my living room, now in my entryway. 

Before, in my dining room. 

Now... still in the dining room, but with another throw pillow. One from my bed. Now the coral throw pillows reside on the couch. 

Notice the chewed end of the gray carpet now being hid in the back of the dining room. Damn pups.

This chair was in the front room with the orange and cream zebra print rug. 

Now... it hangs out in the living room with... wait for it... a throw pillow that actually matches. WHA-WHAAAAAT?!?!

Here are just some details. I threw a big Buddha head on my shelf in the dining room. 

I have a thing for Buddha... and lotus flowers... and... 

... elephants. They are EVERYWHERE in my house. Trunks curled up for good luck. 

Here is one of the built-ins in the living room. I took the Chinese dragon looking thing from the dining room and stuck it there, along with the framed picture that used to be in the entryway. Don't clown me for my deer head. I love it. Bring a real one into my house and I'll round-houe Ninja kick you in the teeth, but this ceramic one? LOVE. 

There you have it. More pictures of chairs and pillows than you ever care to see again in your lifetime, a deer head, and redecorating on a budget of  ZERO dollars. BAM.

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